This is where function and design meet. Here we transfer all the information we gathered and start to mould it into ideas that take on a spatial characteristic. During the Design Development phase, it is important to include any mechanical or electrical consultants as well as specialty team members such as a commercial kitchen or medical consultants.

Our design process includes:

  • Creating space plans that support the function and  workflow determined in the programming phase

  • Development of interior design construction details that describe character, function and aesthetic of a project which may include:

  • Furniture layouts & millwork drawings

  • Floor, ceiling, window, wall finishes & features

  • Lighting layout & fixture selection

  • Signage, hardware, art & accessories

  • Coordinate mechanical, electrical and communication requirements

  • Finish & material boards, sketches, 3D renderings & virtual reality


In addition, we are familiar with and follow guidelines related to local building codes, barrier free requirements, fire safety concerns and the general health, safety and welfare of anyone who steps foot in your space.

At the end of this phase we will present our development to you for an enthusiastic approval. Rest assured there is always opportunity for you to provide feedback and make modifications throughout the entire design process. We are a team, remember? This is your space and vision. We are here to make it a reality.


“Great design is the foundation of great business” 

- M. Cobanli